Beyond “Chalk & Talk”: Pedagogies for the 21st Century

Presenters: Steve Greenlaw & Robert Rycroft

Time: May 11, 3:30-4:45

Location: B122

Formal Presentation (1-2 presenters; 15 minutes + Q&A) Do you teach a course with a lot of technical content? Are you interested in ways of teaching that content that are more effective than lecturing? Do you want to successfully reach more than your best students? If so, this session may be for you. Economists have long been criticized for being overly reliant on what is euphemistically called “Chalk & Talk.” Indeed to many economists, innovative teaching means moving the transparencies for your lectures to PowerPoint. In this session, we will offer a different point of view. Specifically, we will discuss our experience with two non-lecture pedagogies: Peer Instruction (Robert) and the “Flipped Classroom” (Steve). We will relate the pros and cons of our experiences with both pedagogies.

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