“How Can We Bring What’s Happening Over THERE over HERE?”-Global Engagement, Curriculum Development, and DIgital Resources

Panelists: Joseph Calpin, Susan Fernsebner, Surupa Gupta,
Jeremy Larochelle, Melanie Szulcewski

Time: May 11, 11:15-12:30

Location: B210

“How can we bring what’s happening over there over here?” – Global Engagement, Curriculum Development, and Digital Resources

This panel discussion will offer a group brainstorming session for those interested in finding new ways to incorporate global perspectives into university curriculum.

Starting points for the discussion:

– What resources (digital and otherwise) have we found for global studies — and for studies (sometimes phrased, albeit awkwardly, as “glocal”) that link our own sites and economies of being to the world beyond — whether in the social sciences, humanities, languages, environmental sciences, or other fields of inquiry?

– In what ways can we use these resources? E.g., as elements of curriculum, for research (undergrad and beyond), global networking, others? Methods of approach?

– Are there particular challenges that we encounter in the use of these tools and approaches? How might we identify, address, and/or make those challenges part of the project itself?

– Where do we go next?

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