I Have a Plan, It’s a System

Presenter: Sharon Teabo

Time: May 12, 10:30-11:45

Location: B122

This presentation will show the design of a course delivered face-to-face and online. The presentation includes lesson plan structuring, instructional strategies, instructional technologies, assessment, and course management. Lesson plans follow a specific structure that aligns goals, performance criteria, activities and assessments. Having a plan that aligns these components assures that extra activities are not added arbitrarily . One way a course can be assessed is by tracking goals in three domains of learning (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective). The goals can then be categorized on three levels (low, medium, high) to analyze frequency. As an example, the three levels of the cognitive domain would be fact, understanding, and application. If most of a course’s goals are level one, the course should be redesigned so that students are tasked with higher order thinking.

Parts of the lesson plan will be examined and compared between face-to-face and online delivery. It is important to assure that students in both environments experience similar learning tasks. Therefore, instructional strategies will be compared with instructional technologies and delivery formats. Student examples of class projects will provide discussion points of interest.

Strategies for organizing course materials into learning modules will also be discussed. Learning modules contain a lesson plan and all materials a student may need to complete assigned course work. Associated materials may include informational handouts, tutorials, self-assessment survey, video or audio comments and an assessment rubric. Examples of feedback will include digitally marked comments, video and audio responses to assigned work.

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