Is It Time to Establish a “Clicker” Standard at UMW?

Panelists: Robert Rycroft, Gerald Fennemore, Kathy Loesser-Casey,
Matt Mejia, Deborah O’Dell

Time: May 12, 2:30-3:45

Location: B210

Personal Response Pads (aka “clickers”) are devices in widespread use in educational institutions across the United States. (“Clickers” are hand-held electronic devices approximately the size of a TV remote control that allow students to respond to questions posed by the instructor during the class. The instructor has hardware and software that allows the answers to be quickly collected and tabulated. Used correctly, “clickers” can lead to more sustained student engagement during class and allow instructors to assess how well students understand the material so that class time can be used more effectively.) “Clickers” are not in widespread use at UMW. Five faculty/staff members who have used “clickers” will demonstrate how they have been used and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using them for educational and other purposes. Since these five faculty/staff members have used at least four different systems among them, the panel will then discuss the pros and cons of the various systems. Then the audience will be invited to join in a discussion of whether it is now time to establish a “clicker” standard for UMW.

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