Moving to a WordPress CMS for the University Web Site

Panelists: Catherine Derecki, Curtiss Grymala, Jim Groom

Time: May 12, 9:00-10:15

Location: B210

Panel Discussion ( 3-5 panelists; 45-60 minutes + Q&A) Over the past academic year, the office of the Webmaster has worked with a university-wide advisory council to rebuild the UMW Web site from the ground up. Through strategic collaboration with DTLT, UMW IT, expert consultants, in-house developers, and professional Web designers, a new Web site will be launched in August of 2012. We believe our approach is unique among higher education institutions in terms of our diverse and collaborative approach to strategic direction, information architecture development, infrastructure implementation and design. We would like to share the best of our thinking, our successes along the way, and where we are at right now.

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