Prezi-A Neat Alternative to Powerpoint

Presenter: Robert Rycroft

Time: May 11, 3:30-4:45

Location: B122

Formal Presentation (1-2 presenters; 15 minutes + Q&A) Are you and your students bored by Powerpoint? An alternative is Prezi, a web-based presentation software system. Prezi is not brand new, but it was new to me and may be new to you. Prezi uses a single canvas as opposed to traditional slides. The presenter places text, graphics, and video anywhere he/she wants on the canvas. The presenter can then jump around the canvas to whichever display is needed at that moment. A Prezi presentation is much less linear than Powerpoint.

Prezi presentations are stored at a web site, and typically available for the public to view. Educators can register for free accounts and make their presentations private. It is very easy to use. I went from no knowledge of Prezi to a completed classroom presentation is less than 30 minutes.

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