The One Man Band

Presenter: Andy Rush

Time: May 12, 10:30-11:45

Location: B122

Colleges and universities have recently begun to struggle with the task of delivering web video, both live and recorded, to the various communities that it serves. This presentation will provide an overview of a pilot program aimed at providing the University of Mary Washington with a comprehensive, and inexpensive, video production platform. That platform will include live video broadcasting and recording, archiving, and video publishing. These services will build on the already successful publishing platform UMW Blogs, which utilizes the open source WordPress software. The presentation will highlight how we uniquely approach the task of integrating video in our learning environment, and emphasize how important openly sharing content is in creating a vibrant learning community. We will demonstrate a “live broadcasting kit” that provides everything needed to broadcast and record almost any event. Numerous examples will be provided for how we have thus far produced video broadcasts and recordings for the university community. We will also share some of the tools employed in the video production process.

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