Using VoiceThread™ to Generate Analysis and Discussion

Presenter: Marjorie Och

Time: May 11, 3:30-4:45

Location: B122

In this presentation I will demonstrate how VoiceThread™ can be used to generate analysis of an article in preparation for classroom discussion. I assign this reading, Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan’s “Toward an Ecological Understanding of the Myth of Venice” (2000), in my art history seminar on Venice. Crouzet-Pavan focuses on the geography and environment of the Venetian lagoon in the late antique and early modern periods, the creation of a city on marshes, and ways the Venetian government responded to the particular needs of the city and its citizens as water first supported the city then threatened it. Covering nearly 1000 years of history, Crouzet-Pavan explains the technology for the construction of an urban environment on water, as well as the problems encountered and solutions offered by Venetians. Students who have never explored the lagoon may find the article challenging, especially since it is not illustrated. VoiceThread™ offers a place for me to post images of the lagoon, quotes from Crouzet-Pavan, and questions for the class to consider. Students can then respond in VoiceThread™ with both written and spoken comments. My presentation will focus on using VoiceThread™ to create a collaborative environment beyond the classroom for the exchange of ideas.

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